Rep Coupon

8/12/2018 11:24 PM

Rep Coupon

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July Sale

7/24/2018 12:55 AM

July Sale Details

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Question: Now and then we get support calls from people trying to purchase products who can’t make a PayPal payment. They enter their info and get a message like:

We’re sorry, but we weren’t able to add this card. Please try a different card. 

Google isn’t very helpful in tracking this issue down. Has anyone else seen this and figured this out?

Answer: Yes. We have had that problem in the past. What we learned is that those people usually had an existing PayPal account, but wanted to pay as a guest so weren’t logging into their account to make the payment. PayPal’s system recognized them (we were never sure if it was because of their email address or their card number–I suspect it’s email) and didn’t want to allow them to pay outside their account. First have them try using a different email address on the PayPal payment end of things (they can change this on the online form they complete to make a payment) and see if that helps.

If not, you can try to register a paypal account, then connect your credt card with your paypal account. Finally you can pay with your credit card.

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Usage Instructions

4/14/2018 1:51 AM

Please note: 

1.Do not wear shoes while on an Sinolodo Air Product for they may damage the surface.

2. Never place an Air Product near overhead obstructions, such as trees or power lines, nor place the equipment on a slope.

3. Do not bring any sharp items on or close to the AirProduct.

4. Avoid jumping or landing closer than 20cm to a valve.

5. Assure that the AirProduct has sufficient air pressure to avoid injury. Recommended air pressure levels can be found in the specifications in our products on website.

6. The area on which the AirProduct is placed must be clean, dry, flat and free of obstacles.

7. Always set up the AirProduct in the same area where you will be using it. When repositioning the AirProduct, do not drag it. Lift it by the handles and avoid scraping.

8. Do not use the AirProduct in the rain. While inflating the equipment, electrocution may occur and also the surface will be slippery which can cause injuries.

9. Do not expose AirProducts to heat, including heat from long exposure to the sun.

10. When setting up the Air Tracks outdoor, use a groundsheet to avoid damaging the AirProduct.

11. Never pack, store or transport the AirProduct when it is wet.

12. The AirProduct is cleaned with water and soft soap. Do not use industrial cleaning products.

13. Be aware that Sinolodo AirProducts are not designed as landing mats.

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Discount Code

1/10/2018 12:15 AM

Big Sale in the beginng of 2018

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Sinolodo Airtrack has winned a lot of praise from customers by words, pictures and videos, etc. We are happy to see customers enjoy the airtrack and share us the happiness. We also would like to repost their posts so they could gather more attention and find more friends with similiar hobby.

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This is an excerpt from Tumbling Basics, edited by Kathleen Ortiz.

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Hi Coach,
I want to do Elite gymnastics and Hopes but my coach has picked other girls in my level to do Hopes and I am really sad. I am not sure what to do. I also don’t connect with the coach. Should I move gyms? Should I quit gymnastics? Should I just work harder? Thanks

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