AirTracks are inflatable gymnastics equipment, combining the benefits of a trampoline, bouncy castle, spring floor and a landing mat in one track.

Due to the variations in thickness and pressures, AirTracks can be very bouncy and safe to land on or sturdy and fast like a spring floor. They are airtight, completely silent, completely flat, very small in storage (a 15-meter AirTrack fits in any car when deflated!) and setup is extremely fast.

From gymnastics to parkour, from Kung-Fu class to physiotherapy; AirTracks are great equipment for a wide variety of sports. 
Everyone will have a blast using AirTracks to level up their skills!

10 CM - 20 CM - 30 CM

AirTracks come in many sizes and shapes. Choosing a thickness can be a tough choice. Our rules of thumb are:

AirTrack (20 or 30 cm) with a relatively low pressure
Easier take offs, higher jumps, softer landings and a lower impact on your body.

AirTrack (20 or 30 cm) with a relatively high pressure
More stability and rebound. 

When using a thinner AirTrack (10 or 20 cm) 
Higher stability, faster rebound and a higher pressure is required to prevent you from bottoming out. 

For clubs that have both recreational users and higher-level users, the thicker mats are recommended. Thicker mats have more room to play around with pressure. Beginners can enjoy the slow and easy bounce and landings when using it at lower pressures, while pro athletes can enjoy a firm and more technical bounce when using it at higher pressures. Depending on the sports you practice, but also your age, skill and weight, you may prefer one mat over the other. 

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