Gymnastics Air Roller

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Want to learn front- and backfips?More advanced gymnasts train their rebound and balance on the AirRolls.


Sizing guide:

  • Choose 60-70cm Air Roll for athletes 89 to 110cm tall
  • Choose 80-90cm Air Roll for athletes 110 to 134cm tall
  • Choose 100cm Air Roll for athletes who are over 135cm

About Product
1. Our Sinolodo AirRoll is a simple set great piece of training equipment that come in 5 optional sizes, ideal for gym clubs, sports groups or home use. This AirRoll provides users the confidence to trial new skills.
2. Glued seams: There is a lot of misunderstanding about “hand glued” PVC seams vs. “welded”. In fact, hand glued PVC is actually solvent-welded, whereas the other method is a heat-welded. Both methods result in a similar fusing of the membrane, however heat welded PVC may be more susceptible to damage from folding than hand glued, cold welded PVC.
3. Lightweight and portable: this AirRoll is great fun to use. This simple but effective AirRoll is ideal for gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers learning backward walkovers or front handsprings. Removing the stress of injury gives athletes the confidence required to perform new skills, with the user understanding the techniques required to perform the skill helps faster development.

Package Includes
1. 1xAir Roll
2. 1xFoot Pump
3. 1xRepair Kit

Safety Instruction
1. Far away from the sharping objects
2. The area on which the air barrel is placed must be clean, dry, flat and free of obstacles.
3. When move the Air roller, do not drag it. Lift it by the handles and avoid scraping
4. Do not leave the Air barrel in the rain. the surface will be slippery which can cause injuries.
5. Do not expose Air barrel exposure to the sun long time
6. When you use it on water, you need to make sure the roll is dry when it is packed.
7. Far away from fire or other damage objects

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