Sinolodo Air Box-3pcs

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These patented portable sets are combinations of 3 small AirTrack P3 elements that can be used as standalone equipment or on AirTracks. An AirBox is a great alternative for a regular vault box, while the AirSteps allow more creative set-ups for Freerunning and Parkour!

Use, 1, 2 or all 3 elements on top of an AirTrack for methodical training exercises, or use the complete set as a child friendly vault box! Using the AirBox, children will learn their skills faster, safer and with more fun!


Product name: Air Box-3pcs

•Size: 3pcs of 200X140X30CM

•Color: BlueSurface WhiteSide, White lines with Grey velcro


•Shipping: Free shipping

•Warranty: 2-year quality guarantee

•Accessories: Bravo foot pump+repair kit+Transport Bag


1. School Sports
The AirBox is the ideal vault box; soft, adjustable in height and easy to move around. Add a minitramp for extra fun!
2. Gymnastics & Cheer
Remove the barrier of fear by training on the AirBox instead of the Pegasus. When combined with an AirTrack, the AirBox offers endless options for methodical exercises in combination.
Play around with these light-weight, stackable blocks to create creative set-ups in your gym!

♥♥♥Tip:the AirBox also functions as a flexible platform from which you can help your athletes with uneven bar exercises.

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