Sinolodo AirTrack-6ft Wide 6inch Thick

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•Product name: Sinolodo Air Track-6ft Width 6inch Height

•Size: 6'Width 6" Height

•Color: Grey Surface,Multi-colored side


•Shipping: Free shipping

•Warranty: 2-year quality guarantee

1. Air Tumbling Track
2. Bravo Blower (Electric Air Pump)
3. Durable PVC Storage Bag
4. Repair Kit

Product Feartures
1. Play with pressure 
2. Comfortably surface
3. Durable 1000-Denier double-wall fabric (also known as Drop Stitch Fabric
4. Highly endurable, and hardly twisting and bending accordingly.
5. Can be inflated/deflated and carried and stored easily
6. Suitable for recreational users as well as proffessional

Product Details
1. Air Tumbling Track for Boys, Girls
2. 1000 Denier Double-Wall Fabric
3. Firm Rebound and Bounce
4. Long Lifespan: 5-10 Years
5. Dimensions: 6' Width, 6" Height
6. Length is Customizable
7. Should be inflated by electric pump (70mbar-200mbar)

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