Sinolodo Gymnastics Round Launch Pad-160x15cm

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160cm x 15cm

Note: If you don't want the BLACK RIM on it,pls email us to

Features of Gymnastics mat 
1. This product is produced with untiskid and durable Saffiano DWF material for kids at pre-schools, schools and sports clubs, whether indoor or ourdoor.
2. Easy to take along - easy to set up! The Air Training Set is specially designed for those that need easy and light-weight equipment.
3. Set-up and packing are both just a matter of minutes.
4. You can set the pressure to anything between rock-hard and bouncy-soft.
5. Recommended for: gymnastics, recreational gym, pre-school gymnastics, cheerleading, freerunning, martial arts, elderly gym, fitness 
6. The soft and bouncy AirSpot motivate kids to move and jump freely! Coordination and balance are improved along the way.

Product Details
1. Air Tumbling Track for Boys, Girls
2. 1000 Denier Double-Wall Fabric
3. Firm Rebound and Bounce
4. 2 years Warranty

Order Includes
1. 1x Air spot
2. 1x Foot Pump
3. 1x Repair Kit

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