New!!!Double Faces Airtrack-3.3ft Width 4inch Thick

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Selected 3 colors that are most popular with customers.We combined them into 3 new gym Airtrack MATS.The front and back surfaces of the previous airtracks were grey, now you can use it on both sides.

•[Size] Length:10/13/16/20ft,Width:3.3ft,Thick:4inch

•[Color] Mint,Pink,Blue


•Shipping: Free shipping

•Warranty: 2-year quality guarantee


1. 1x Air Airtrack
2. 1x Electric Pump
3. 1x Storage Bag
4. 1x Repair Kit


1. Ideal for all floor exercises and tumbling passes.
2. Easy to take along .
3. Set-up and packing are both just a matter of minutes.
4. You can set the pressure to anything between rock-hard and bouncy-soft.
5. Recommended for: gymnastics, recreational gym, pre-school gymnastics, cheerleading, freerunning, martial arts, elderly gym, fitness.
6. Whether you’re at home, on vacation or at a friend’s house, you can still train like you’re at the gym!

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