Sinolodo Home Training Set 5 PCS

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♡one set sizes: 3x1x0.1m+double 1x0.6x0.1m+one 1x0.6x0.2m+one 105x70cm
♡Free pump+repair kit+pvc carrage bag+velcro connector
♡2 years warranty

Why Choose Sinolodo Airtrack?
1. Sinolodo AirTrack is a manufacture of inflatable products for the world of sports. We committed to offering the most reasonable price and high quality products, maintaining excellent customer service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.
2. Sinolodo has more than 10 years' experience in producing highest quality and offering best before-and-after sale service. Since we are in line with EU's REACH Law and conforming to QC standard, it is no risk to buy our products.
3. Sinolodo offers free shipping to all over the world and 18 months warranty on our products and guarantee a consistent quality based on the remarkable production technology and advanced equipment.
4. Are you looking to enhance your child's tumbling or gymnastics training at home or outside your traditional gym time, but don't have a floor or mat that provides proper support? If so, you need the Sinolodo Air Tumble Track, an inflatable mat made with thick 1000-Denier double-wall fabric that fills to a taught tumbling surface perfect for bouncing, flipping, back hand springs, and more.
5. This versatile quick inflate portable gym mats provide a strong, yet flexible surface perfect for gymnasts, cheerleaders, tumblers, and even martial arts. Better yet, they're ultra-durable, meaning you can use them inside your home, at the gym, or even at the park. Complete with an electric air pump and heavy-duty storage bag, set it up wherever you want to create a safe surface for training!

Product Details
1. Air Tumbling Track for Boys, Girls
2. 1000 Denier Double-Wall Fabric
3. Firm Rebound and Bounce
4. Long Lifespan: 5-10 Years
5. Dimensions: one 3x1x0.1m+double 2x0.6x0.1m+one 1x0.6x0.2m+one 120x60cm
6. 2-Year Warranty

Order Includes

1. one set sizes: 3x1x0.1m+double 2x0.6x0.1m+one 1x0.6x0.2m+one 120x60cm
2. 1 x Bravo Air Pump
3. 1 x Durable PVC Storage Bag
4. 1 x Repair Kits
5. 2 x Velcro Connectors

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